This is a toolkit for anyone who wants to build a ReFi Local Node as part of an emerging regenerative economy. A ReFi Local Node is a community that meets regularly to learn, experiment and implement ReFi tools and solutions on the ground with the aim of building a local regenerative society in their country, city, town, or village. It is rooted in a specific place with a long-term commitment to regeneration.

Table of Contents

Guides 📚

Each of these guides are designed to help leaders of local nodes achieve a specific outcome in their community. Anyone contributing to a Local Node can contribute a guide.

This is a living document that is designed to respond to the needs of the network as it evolves over time.


What is a ReFi Local Node?

How to start a local node in your community

How to fundraise on Gitcoin

How to fundraise on Giveth

Case Studies

TEMPLATE - (Local Node Name) | (Project Case Study Name)

ReFi London | Regens Unite Event

ReFi Cape Town | ReFi Hackathon

Impact Reporting

Hypercert Minting Guide | ReFi Local Nodes


How to run an amazing local event